The Microphone You Need for Your Next Gig

Use the best Mic and Change your Music game!

Having a good microphone is quite essential, it covers all grounds. From recording vocals to instrumentals, voice-overs, or even vlogs, you need a clear mic.

The best mic is the one that captures a good quality audio signal, which is an essential requirement for musicians and record producers too. The microphone we have for you here can quickly help you record the tonality of an acoustic guitar, a piano helping you achieve a fantastic performance with a smooth broadcast of the track you’re singing. Mics can indeed be expensive, but we have a mic that fits your pocket and gives you excellent results!

Sontronics Solo Microphone:

One of the Best Microphone Out There!

The Sontronics is a dynamic microphone used by musicians to record their vocals as well as instruments. It’s a well-weighted and one of those solid microphones that you can get comfortable within rowdy club gigs too.

Compared to other dynamic microphones, its output is higher too, making it easily stand out and top them. It’s priced at $135, and it’s a pretty sweet deal with the fantastic quality it provides. Its pick-up pattern is Cardioid giving you an edge to record up close too. Its connection is XLR, for all those wondering. It’s got a clear sound and pulls a good output which is exactly what you need! Grab yours now and enjoy the benefits it provides.

Hold Gigs in your pub and enjoy the audio quality this microphone provides!

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