Top 5 Most Underrated Indie Albums That You Should Check Out!

Updated: Jan 14

The music world is vast, and there’s always a new album release around the corner to be excited for. But, this also means that albums often get released and overlooked, just due to the sheer glut of album releases. So, let’s take a closer look at some albums that didn’t get the reception that they deserved.

1. Like Drawing Blood – Gotye

Released in 2006, Like Drawing Blood was the brainchild of one Gotye, more well known for his tremendous hit single “Somebody I Used To Know”. It’s a shame then that this album gets constantly overlooked considering just how solid of a record it is.

Like Drawing Blood is perhaps one of the biggest examples of an album being overlooked upon release and never getting the proper attention it deserves. From the way it shifts genres to its incredible production and creativity, it’s an album that was way ahead of its time.

From the very first track, “The Only Way”, the album braces listeners for an intensely thoughtful experience, one that only grows more wacky and fascinating as it continues. Mixing a plethora of different genres and sound textures, it’s one of the best albums of the 2010’s, which makes the fact that it’s so underrated even more disappointing. Definitely give it a look!

Best Tracks: “The Only Way”, “Thanks For Your Time”, “Hearts A Mess”

2. Together Through Time – TWRP

Together Through Time is the second album from Canadian funk group TWRP, (short for Tupper Ware Remix Party), a celebration of 80s synth funk, with a new age 2018 twist.

This album features some excellent stuff, with the bulk of the album being made up of groovy jams that stick to your brain like “Head Up High” and “Life Party”. The rest of Together Through Time is made up of sprawling story themed songs, like the centerpiece that is “Starlight Brigade”.

You really cannot go wrong with giving Together Through Time a listen, it’s an incredibly fun album with consistent highs and essentially no lows. Throw this one on and simply brace yourself for a good time.

Best Tracks: “Starlight Brigade”, “Phantom Racer feat. The Protomen”, “Maximum Thrust”

3. A Boat On The Sea - Moron Police

Moron Police aren’t incredibly well known, but they deserve to be after their 2019 album, A Boat On The Sea, featuring stunning artwork and a list of wonderfully frenetic prog rock songs with an undeniable pop influence.

It’s one of the most fun albums to come out of the decade, with so many catchy tunes in pieces like “The Dog Song”, “The Phantom Below” and “Captain Awkward” which are shockingly infectious and likable. You do not want to miss out on this one.

Best Tracks: “Captain Awkward”, “The Phantom Below”, “The Dog Song”

4. The Spark - Enter Shikari

British rock band Enter Shikari have been making music since the year 1999, but their best album so far is 2017’s The Spark, their most experimental and rich album so far.

Mixing and matching genres as needed, it’s a shockingly cohesive package with lush production and soaring vocals. The songs on The Spark range from typical large scale rock songs, to more experimental songs like “Shinrin-yoku” that’s more atmospheric in tone. It’s got a bit of something for everyone.

Best Tracks: “Shinrin-yoku”, “The Sights”, “Rabble Rouser”

5. Hawaii Part II - ミラクルミュージカル / Miracle Musical

Hawaii Part II from 2012 is an oddity in the music world. It comes to us from “Miracle Musical”, but in reality it’s by the American band Tally Hall. This may have played a part in why it’s not as well known as it could be, but that doesn’t take away from the album itself.

Hawaii Part II is an album that doesn’t have any one specific genre. There are ballads, rock songs, rap and even instrumentals on here, though it meshes together in a meaningful and surprising way. It’s one of those albums that you just need to hear to really understand. A strong mix of songs makes this one of the best albums that too many people missed out on.

Best Tracks: “Murders”, “Labyrinth”, “Dream Sweet in Sea Major”

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