North Carolina-based artists $hake and Siah777 have linked up to make a new banger, "Midnight Club," a track serving as the lead single for their upcoming collaboration tape.

The collaborative project does not yet have a confirmed release date or title, but both artists have assured us that it is in the works and will be available soon. $hake elaborates on the project in an exclusive statement commenting, "Collaboration tape is coming very soon, me and Siah just gotta have a week to just sit and record and I promise we'll have 100 songs."

As for the “Midnight Club” track itself, it is upbeat, catchy, and laced with brisk, electric piano chords, reminiscent of the late 90's/00's. It features knocking drums and percussion that might make Timbaland or The Neptunes do a double-take. On the same note, both artists offer a unique and refreshing sound, often opting for melodic and eccentric flows accompanied by snappy and audacious lyricism. Regarding the new song, $hake adds:

"Really, I just found the beat and just tried to match the vibe, you know, and give it more life than it already had. That's how I approach most songs when I don't have a set idea in mind. It means a lot to me actually, just letting people know that me and Siah aren't contained in this box of just being ‘SoundCloud Rappers.’ We can do it all and really make people feel our music."

$hake and Siah777 are unapologetically themselves and continue to express that through their music, fashion, and visuals. With that being said, We can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!

Check out $hake and Siah777’s new single "Midnight Club" below.

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