5 Marketing Tips You Should Use When Dropping Your Next Album

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

We all know how competitive the music industry is, and it’s pretty hard to break into it and get to

the top, but here are a few tips for marketing your new album.

#1 Reach out from Social Media handles:

An individual spends approximately 24 hours a week on social media. Use these handles and

promote your song by posting lyrics or expressing your attachment to any song in the album.

#2 Live Sessions:

You can personally interact with your fans and maybe sing a song or two and take up a few

requests. Who doesn’t love a free show?

#3 Play your New Album on the Radio:

Quite a few people still spend their mornings listening to the radio while going to work or school.

Use any hit radio station and play your songs there to create buzz for your album.

#4 Document Yourself:

An ideal tip for becoming the next album is to sign as many new commercials or videos where

people can see more of you. Those who don’t know you may want to see more of your stuff,

and those who do, well, they’ll make you famous. Giving people BTS opens the door of

connectivity and relatability between you and them. They’ll love your work, and this will

effectively market your album too.

#5 Interviews:

People love it if their artists not only sing the best songs but have some moral compass. Getting

interviewed will show people that you are likable and funny. Be yourself during these interviews;

let people see who you are.

Use these tips and see the difference!

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